Our contribution to a clean environment

Sustainability is a central part of our concept which we constantly improve and optimise. Below you can find an overview of our measures in sustainability which we’ve already converted into our products.


„We want our customers to always have a great feeling while using our products, on top of having trust that we try and work to be as sustainable as possible!“


Natalie Czekaj - Owner and founder of the Seifenmanufaktur Natalie GmbH


Our Packaging

  • All of our soap packaging is FSC certified
  • The packaging is only printed with vegan colours
  • We recycle the packaging when possible and try to find solutions together with our suppliers to minimise packing materials

Our labels

  • The resources of our labels are coming from sustainable forestry and they are PEFC-certified

Fats/oils for our soaps


Organic oils:

  • All fats and oils which we use are organic and COSMOS certified.


  • We completely avoid any products sourced from animals. Therefore all of our soaps are vegan.

Shea butter:

  • In Africa it’s called Karité butter or “gold of the women“ as gathering and processing lay traditionally in women’s hands.
  • Shea butter production creates a livelihood for millions of women and families in one of the poorest countries in the world.
  • Our shea butter is sourced from a sustainable production. Our supplier supports two projects in Burkina-Faso where around three thousand women near the capital city Ouagadougou collect and process shea nuts.

Cacao butter:

  • The special thing about our resources are that they are getting processed within the own fabric of our supplier. He works together with farmers from the Dominican Republic and Peru and supports the farmers in terms of education and apprenticeships. The farmers receive micro loans where repayments go to other farmers as further credits. As a result, a project in Sierra Leone with several thousand peasants who cultivate organic cacao was created. This results in an annual harvest.

Babassu oil:

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We are happy to advise you and to outline you on the benefits and use of our handmade soaps.


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